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Fashion Illustration Africa

Akatasia Sept 2016

Interview about Fashion Illustration Africa on Akatasia

Nyorh Agwe August 2016

Atelier Fifty-Five September 2016


SUPERselected September 2016


Glam Africa April-June 2017





AfroPunk March 2017


Jewanda Magazine Mar 2017


Soul Reflection March 2017 March 2017

JosDaily March 2017

Chronique Beaute Noire March 2017

hellocoton March 2017

I AM DIVAS March 2017

FlashMag! April 2017


Globetrotter April 2017

IRepCamer April 2017

Muse Origins 2017

BEAUTIFUL Portraits of Black Beauty by Mario Epanya on Muse Origins


Zen Magazine May 2017

BEAUTIFUL by Mario Epanya Featured in Zen Magazine

Akatasia May 2017

BEAUTIFUL Book by Mario Epanya Akatasia Interview


The Designers Studio April 2017

BEAUTIFUL: Portraits of Black Beauty featured on The Designers Studio



Fashion Africa 2017