A Light Filled Library for Deaf Children in Burundi

The Library of Muyinga is a light filled library for deaf children in Burundi. The library was designed by Belgian studio BC Architects in collaboration with the local community and is based on vernacular architecture redesigned for modern use.

Referring to the area’s traditional architecture enabled the team to make use of local natural materials and construction techniques. As a result the Library of Muyinga design utilises packed earth for the walls, and has a large sheltered corridor, which is typical of traditional houses in Burundi. Clay baked tiles clad the roof and high ceilings and patterns of square openings between the rammed earth blocks allow for ventilation. And tall windows let in maximum light, framed with shutters used to signify when the library is open.




Creating an inclusive space the Library of Muyinga has areas for learning, rest and play with seating areas and giant hammocks that allow the school children to read their books. A large wooden table provides a study area running alongside a wall of bookshelves slotted into recesses.



[Images belong to BC Architects]


– Tapiwa Matsinde

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