UPDATE: Introducing the Creative Careers Section and Content

PLEASE NOTE: The Creative Careers section has now moved to our sister site The Design Business School where you will find a range of resources, products, and content to help you start and grow your creative career.

Shoko Press is about more than just creating books, part of our mission is to share and inspire you, our reader on your individual creative journey by offering engaging dialogue, guidance, and resources to help you become the best at what it is you choose to do. So if you are thinking of a career in the creative industries, and are not sure where to start, or are wanting to develop your existing career we have put together a dedicated creative careers section and library of resources to help you on your way.

The creative careers section and directory is divided into sections by discipline, including design, art, fashion, photography, and architecture. Each section will contain information on schools if you are looking for places to study, popular platforms and forums to help you find your tribe, links to roles and their descriptions within your industry of choice, awards you can enter, where to find funding, and more. And don’t forget to check out the creative careers sections for interviews and guest posts from those who are travelling down the path you want to take.

We hope you will be inspired and motivated in your creative career.

Visit The Design Business School to get started!

– The Editorial Team

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