Shoko Press An Independent Publisher of African Art Books

Shoko Press is an independent publisher of illustrated African art books that capture slices of the exciting contemporary creative arts and social cultures shaping a modern and dynamic Africa.

We are on a mission to discover, share and help preserve Africa’s creative voices. Shoko Press will highlight the best in art, design, architecture, fashion and so much more as it seeks to produce the best non fiction books about Africa.

Written and produced in collaboration with leading creative practitioners and cultural commentators our beautifully presented print and digital content will take you, the reader on a journey to not only discover new narratives that will inspire and enrich, but also ones to cherish and help preserve for future generations to look back on.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you. And whilst we work on finishing our debut titles we invite you to sign-up to be notified as they launch.

Shoko Press: Creative voices to Discover . inspire. Cherish

– The Editorial Team

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