Highlighting Africa’s Inspiring Creative Collaborations

Here at Shoko Press, we are all about collaborating with writers, content producers, creative talent and industry professionals to bring you amazing, inspirational and motivational books and digital content. Collaboration is a powerful thing, the meeting of ideas to create new ones and at times offering up unexpected viewpoints. Collaboration offers those involved a chance to learn, pick up new skills and show off each other’s skills at their best. And in this spirit we have rounded up some memorable creative collaborations that have come together over the years:


Laduma Ngxokolo x Yinka Ilori


British Nigerian Furniture Designer Yinka Ilori and South African Textile Knitwear Designer Laduma Ngxokolo


South African knitwear designer, Laduma Ngxokolo, and British/Nigerian furniture designer Yinka Ilori teamed up to create a chair for the Africa Calling exhibition during London’s annual Africa Utopia festival. The Eyin Collection as it was named saw an upcycled chair framed painted silver feature a patterned knitted upholstered seat.


Aboubakar Fofana x Katherine Glenday


Aboubakar Fofana Mali Indigo Textiles Katherine Glenday South Africa Ceramics Artist


The intensity of deep rich indigo meets the delicateness of fine pure white ceramics in this collaboration between indigo dye master Aboubakar Fofana from Mali and South African ceramicist Katherine Glenday.


Lulu Kitololo x Sandstorm Kenya


Kenyan Design Graphic Designer and Illustrator Lulu Kitololo Collaborates with Sandstorm Kenya to Create the Sun Worshipper Bag


Lulu Kitololo is a graphic designer who cites Africa and nature as two of her greatest sources of inspiration based in Kenya she teamed up with local bag manufacturer Sandstorm Kenya to produce a limited edition collection of tote bags featuring her distinctive illustrations.


Ituen Basi x Victor Ehikhamenor

fashion designer Ituen Basi Victor Ehikhameno art ekemini makida moka Nigerian fashion music meets runway 2013


The graphic art of Nigerian artist Victor Ehikhamenor is turned into striking textiles for fashion designer Ituen Basi’s runway collection.

Lalesso x Pichulik


Lalesso Pichulik Clutch Bags Collaboration South African Design


The spirit and inspiration of travel to far-flung places unite Lamu-based resort wear label LaLesso and South African jewellery brand, Pichulik who collaborated on an accessories collection of jewellery and clutch bags to complement LaLesso’s runway collection for South Africa Fashion Week.



Lisa Folawiyo x Banke Kuku


Banke-Kuku designs textiles for Nigerian Fashion Designer Lisa Folawiyo


Textile designer Banke Kuku teamed up with renowned Nigerian fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo to create a bespoke range of textiles for the designer’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.


Ifeanyi Oganwu x Toghal x Pheobe Boswell


154 Stool Ifeanyi Oganwu Toghal Phoebe Boswell


As part of a special project for 1:54 London, 2016. An architect/product designer, textile designer, and jewellery design artist collaborated to create a seating collection that was used in the lounge. Product designer Ifeanyi Oganwu, African inspired textiles design brand Toghal and jewellery designer/artist Phoebe Boswell.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


[Image credits: The images shown are sourced from/belong to from top: Lulu KitololoAfrica Calling; Amaridian Gallery; MissMoss; Black Fabulosity; Lisa Folawiyo; Lulu Kitololo;  Toghal. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]





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