Fashion A Second Language – An Insider’s Guide into the Inner Workings of the Fashion Industry

Learning the inner workings of fashion and the fashion industry is like learning another language. Fashion A Second Language by Godson Ukaegbu unpacks the nuances enabling you to become fluent in the language of fashion.

Using Godson’s intimate knowledge of the fashion industry Fashion A Second Language explores the meaning of fashion going beyond the surface by delving into the different elements that make up the industry, guiding you through the terms, the different roles, and how they all work in unison.

Questioning the validity and relevance of the current fashion industry model, which leans in favour of a few Western countries, Fashion A Second Language also explores the need to embrace other regions of the world, with a particular focus on Africa’s fashion industry.

Bringing together the fashion student, fashion designer, fashion editor, fashion photographer, fashion retailer, and other moving parts in the value chain of fashion, Fashion A Second Language is the essential reference for fashion professionals, students and enthusiasts.

Godson is a photographer, writer and artist; and the editor-in-chief of MANIA, Nigeria’s premier fashion magazine. Fashion A Second Language is his first book

Fashion A Second Language is available in 176 pp hardback print, and downloadable digital versions.

– The Editorial Team

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