The Importance of Preserving Creative Africa History

Shoko Press was born out of three key values: a love of books, a desire to discover and share the exceptional talent of creative Africa by unearthing the stories that lie behind them, and a recognition for the need to help preserve these stories for future reference. Values that are summed up in our manifesto, and

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7 African Fashion Illustrators To Know

Fashion illustration is so magical captivating the imagination, the stylish sketches presenting another dimension to the multi-faceted world of fashion. Having declined in popularity over the decades following its heyday in the first half of the 20th Century as photography became the medium of choice to document latest trends fashion illustration is now going through

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Are Printed Books Still Relevant In A Digital Age?

In an age where information on almost any topic can be found in a matter of seconds by simply typing in a few keywords, we explore the relevance of printed books, if they are still needed when some are saying why bother with books. Amid headlines announcing ‘Death to Print’ the rise of digital media

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