Q&A With Pop Up Africa Founder Jessica Laditan

Global interest in all things Africa continues to grow thanks in part to dedicated exhibitions and events that help to introduce the continent’s diverse offerings to new audiences. In the UK Pop Up Africa is one such series of events, usually comprising a mix of vibrant market and delectable food stalls, and where we had the opportunity to showcase Shoko Press books at one of their events over the summer. Events like these take a lot of behind the scenes planning, hard work, and passion. And to find out more we caught up with Pop Up Africa founder Jessica Laditan to get an insider view.


1. Please introduce yourself, your background, where you are based and tell us a bit about Pop Up Africa?

I’m Jessica Laditan, mother of 2 and the Founder & Creative Director of Pop Up Africa. I studied Marketing at University and prior to forming Pop Up Africa, worked in Fashion PR before moving into Project Management, managing and coordinating a range of youth initiatives for various youth organisations in partnership with media companies such as Channel 4, BBC, Timeout, and ITV.

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7 Designers and Artists Embracing Pattern Play

Bold, colourful and intricate patterns can be found throughout African design that reaches back through the centuries. And pattern continues to influence modern design emerging from and inspired by the continent. With the skies grey and overcast, we sought to brighten our spirits with some of the patterns, colours filling our social media feeds, so invite

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Design Inspired by the Decorative Forms Of Adinkra Symbols

As we highlighted in a previous post Adinkra symbols are a much-referenced communication system that has endured to present day. Adinkra symbols carry within them centuries of wisdom and are among one of the African continent’s oldest writing systems. The symbols have inspired designers and artists the world over who have drawn on the distinctive graphic

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Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art Is Open

The 22nd September 2017 saw the opening of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art (Zeitz MOCAA), in Cape Town, South Africa, heralded as being the first major institution on the African continent dedicated to collecting, researching and preserving the art of contemporary Africa and its diaspora.

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Q&A With Award-Winning Kenyan Digital Artist Osborne Macharia

The rapid advancement of digital technology brings forth diverse creative expressions, such as digital art that continue to astound and amaze us. Digital art has given a powerful voice to Africa’s emerging creative talent allowing for ta relative ease of dissemination and in the process attracting global attention towards stories and images that speak of

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Mozambican Artist Nelsa Guambe Merging Art and Sustainable Design

Nelsa Guambe is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Maputo, Mozambique. She is primarily a painter whose work moves beyond the canvas to incorporate product design, where working in collaboration with a local design studio, Piratas Do Pau Guambe’s colourful and surreal images help to transform discarded water heaters collected from the city’s streets into

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Is Africa Following Or Setting Creative Trends?

I was recently asked the question Is Africa Following Or Setting Creative Trends? I found this to be a very interesting yet difficult question to answer, and having done my best to do so at the time, the question has stayed with me as I felt it was a really important one that warranted a

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Siyanda Mbele Talks Furniture Design And Culture

Siyanda Mbele is making a name for himself in the world of contemporary South African furniture and interior design. His streamlined and stylish designs regularly reference his Zulu heritage. We caught up with the designer to find out a bit more about his inspirations and the importance of culture in design:   1. What led

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Adora Mba, The Afropolitan Collector On Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African art is an exciting dynamic movement, that continues to make its mark on the global stage. As the names of existing talent and emerging stars command greater attention, the African art industry as a whole is responding in kind with galleries springing up across the continent; prestigious auction houses hosting evenings dedicated to the

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