Adora Mba, The Afropolitan Collector On Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African art is an exciting dynamic movement, that continues to make its mark on the global stage. As the names of existing talent and emerging stars command greater attention, the African art industry as a whole is responding in kind with galleries springing up across the continent; prestigious auction houses hosting evenings dedicated to the work of Africa’s artists; and art fairs such as 1:54 connecting artists, galleries and buyers. To find out more about this exciting scene we caught up with Adora Mba, art consultant and founder of The Afropolitan Collector to talk life as an art consultant, collecting African art and tips for artists looking to get noticed.


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself: your background, where you are based, and what led you to a career as an art consultant?


I am a Ghanaian (mother)/ Nigerian (father) who grew up in London, Lagos, and Accra. I am currently based in London but I will be relocating back to the continent because there is so much going on art wise and it is important to be on the ground.

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Shoko Press Holiday Packing Wish List

The holiday season is upon us, at time to rest and relax and spent time with family and friends. Whether you are jet setting or staycationing we hope you will continue to be inspired by all that is around. To kick start your holidays we have selected our favourite must have’s exuding style, and for

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Shoko Press At Africa Utopia Festival 2017

Shoko Press will once again be out and about, this time showcasing our books at Africa Utopia, on London’s Southbank. Africa Utopia is an annual festival that celebrates the contemporary arts and culture of the African continent. Africa Utopia is championed by Senegalese singer and human rights advocate Baaba Maal, and taking place over Saturday, 15th

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Yinka Ilori Telling Stories Of His Heritage Through Furniture

Yinka Ilori is a British furniture designer of Nigerian heritage who places the powerful art of storytelling at the heart of designs. Ilori specialises in sustainable design by upcycling discarded and found furniture pieces, which he does by dismantling the discarded pieces of furniture and reassembling them into quirky new designs. This practice forms one

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Switching Careers To Follow Your Creative Passion

When we first started the Shoko Press blog, our founder Tapiwa Matsinde wrote a piece on the Luxury of Pursuing a Creative Career in Africa and the challenges and questioning expressions she faced when choosing to do so. But with the explosion in African creativity now being felt on a global scale choosing to become

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Shoko Press Showcasing Books At Africa Writes 2017

Shoko Press will be showcasing our titles at Africa Writes this Saturday, 1st July, 2017. Held over three days at the British Library in London, the Africa Writes festival is an annual celebration of contemporary literature from Africa and the diaspora organised by the Royal African Society. The festival features book launches, readings, author appearances, panel discussions,

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Kossi Aguessy A Visionary Designer and Artist

Kossi Aguessy was a visionary designer and artist of African Brazilian and Togolese Yoruba heritage. Born in Togo and raised in the US Aguessy lived in Paris, New York and London where he based his design practices. The experiences from tis multi-cultural background greatly influenced his work, which seamlessly crossed creative disciplines and cultures, evident not only in his commercial

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10 Must Do’s Before Starting A Greetings Card Business

Greetings cards make up a multi-million dollar industry; an industry whose products enable us to convey the messages and sentiments we are unable to put into words ourselves. With its visually led product offerings the Greetings Card industry provides a number of career opportunities for illustrators, artists, printers and copywriters. But as with any industry

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