Be Inspired With A Free Book Of Motivational African Quotes

After a busy 2016 which saw the launch of Shoko Press and the publication of our first title Fashion Illustration Africa we took some time off to relax, reflect and recharge with family and friends. As we progress with the new year its now back to the studio to continue working on the exciting projects we have in the pipeline.


January is always a time of reflection, and motivation. We are raring to go to finally make those dreams we keep putting on the back burner happen. Alas good intentions get caught up in the realities of day to day life and we find ourselves slipping unable to quite hold on, and sadly for many the excitement and optimism we had for those dreams and hopes we had at the start of year can start to fade, only to be dusted of again once another new year comes around in a seemingly never-ending cycle. But it does not have to be so.


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As the year progresses there are many things you can do to help keep those dreams on track and commit to making them happen. Following through requires amongst other things time, discipline, inspiration, a desire to keep learning and encouragement. Along your journey to making your dreams happen encouragement is so important in giving you the boost you need to keep going especially when its hard to see your progress or when your motivation starts to decrease.


This is why quotes from those who have or are travelling the same journey as you have are increasingly popular continuously shared across digital platforms. Your favourite quote kept by your desk, bedside or noted in a journal can help to remind you of what you are trying to achieve and why it is important to you keeping you on track as you work hard to make those dreams and hopes a reality. Quotes can carry you through the challenges you will definitely face, will help build your self-belief and will encourage you to be the best you can be.


We at Shoko Press love a good quote and refer to our favourites daily to keep us going, in doing so we have gathered quite a few. And in the spirit of a new year full of hope we would like to share some with you in a free book – A Small Book of Big Quotes. In it you will find an inspirational collection of over 100 thoughtful, wise words and witty sayings from some of Africa’s personalities who are making an impact in the worlds of business, politics, education, sports, arts and culture.


To receive your free copy of A Small Book of Big Quotes simply tell us where to send it by signing up here.


We hope you will find the inspiration needed to carry you through the journey of making your dreams happen.


– The Editorial Team

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