African Fashion Illustration and Art Exhibition by Nigerian artist Ibe Ananaba

In the season of international Fashion Weeks contemporary African and Nigerian artist and fashion illustrator Ibe Ananaba opened his fashion inspired solo exhibition on the 9th September 2016 at the Rele Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria. Entitled Sélénsé the exhibition is a body of contemporary works that tell the story of how people express themselves through fashion. Sélénsé is a local slang term meaning to ‘flaunt’ or to ‘show off’, and taking inspiration from the streets, Ananaba takes the viewer on a visual exploration of everyday fashion, how it is worn, interpreted and flaunted.

African Fashion Illustration by Nigerian artist Ibe Ananaba

Sélénsé features around 30 works divided into 5 main categories:

  1. THE APPLIQUE SERIES – experiments done with watercolour pieces and fabric appended to each of them in a series titled ‘I BETA PASS MY NEIGHBOUR’.
  2. THE RUNWAY SERIES – pieces inspired by the runway.
  3.  SARTORIAL SERIES – pays homage to the SAPEURS of Congo and local gents flaunting of local designers labels.
  4. HEAD SERIES: portraits relating to style and attitude.
  5. ONE-OFFS – individual pieces showing fashionable expressions.

Contemporary African art by Ibe Ananaba


Contemporary African art by Nigerian Artist Ibe Ananaba

And as long time admirers of Anababa’s work we were thrilled to have him as one of the many talented fashion illustrators featured our illustrative reference book Fashion Illustration Africa.

Sélénsé runs until 26th September 2016. For further information about Ibe Ananaba visit: and for enquires about the exhibition visit:

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